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Esthetician Plus


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The Fountain of Youth Academy of Cosmetology’s Advisory Committee has recommended a program that exceeds the PA state requirements by more than 50%. This recommendation is based on 1) the minimal education possible within the 300 hour curriculum mandated by the state; 2) Advocacy positions taken by the National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers/Distributors & Associations (NCEA) where the standard for students education are raised beyond today’s standards; 3) and the need for highly skilled estheticians to fill positions where advanced skin care techniques are necessary for employment. The Academy’s mission is To provide the finest Cosmetology, Esthetician, Nail Technology and Instructor Certification education and to empower our students with the knowledge, the skills and the professionalism to pursue lucrative careers. Essentially, we provide a better education for a better career.” – the State of PA has recognized that its Esthetician program needs re-evaluated based on the fact that this program has the LEAST amount of required study hours of any other state in the country. Science has provided many advanced techniques in skin care since the state originally set hour requirements. The Academy’s position is that if it is to provide a better education for a better career it must offer a course that ensures its students have access to course where advance skills will be taught and give them a competitive advantage in the job market. Advanced skills such as peels, microdermabrasion, enhanced knowledge of the latest skin care techniques and advances by science in skin rejuvenation.


Breakdown Esthetician PLUS Hours by Subject


Professional Practices: (80 Hours)

Skin Care History & Opportunities (8)

Your Professional Image (6)

Communication for Success (12)

Sanitation & Disinfection (16)

The Salon/Spa Business (8)

Selling Products & Services (6)

Career Planning (6)

Changes in Estheticians (6)

Business Skills Financial Business Skills (6)

Business Skills Marketing (6)

Sciences: (225 Hours) 

Anatomy & Physiology (20)

Chemistry for Estheticians (20)

Cosmetic Chemistry (50)

Basics of Electricity (18)

Physiology & Histology of the Skin (42)

General Sciences Advanced Histology of the Cell and the Skin (20)

General Sciences Advanced Histology of the Cell and the Skin: Stem Cells, Tissues, Immune System; Exfoliation, Penetration, Sensory Nerves (17)

General Sciences Hormones (18)

General Sciences Anatomy and Physiology: Muscles and Nerves (5)

General Sciences Anatomy and Physiology: The Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems  (5)

General Sciences Chemistry and Biochemistry (5)

General Sciences Laser, Light Energy, and Radiofrequency Therapy (5)


Facial Treatments: (235 Hours)

Skin Diseases & Disorders (31)

Skin Sciences Advanced Skin Disorders: Skin in Distress (23)

Skin Analysis (22)

Skin Sciences Skin Typing and Aging Analysis (12)

Product Selection & Ingredients (13)

Skin Sciences Skin Care Products: Ingredients and Chemistry (3)

Skin Sciences Botanicals and Aromatherapy (3)

Skin Sciences Ingredients and Products for Skin Issues (3)

The Treatment Room (9)

Massage (12)

Basic Facials & Treatment (13)

Esthetics Advanced Facial Techniques (10)

Esthetics Advanced Skin Care Massage (3)

Machines (15)

Esthetics Advanced Facial Devices (25)

Advanced Esthetics Topics: An Industry Overview (10)

Skin Sciences Nutrition and Stress Management (2)

Skin Sciences Pharmacology for Estheticians (2)

Spa and Alternative Therapies Spa Treatments  (2)

Spa and Alternative Therapies Alternative Therapies  (2)

Spa and Alternative Therapies Ayurveda Theory and Treatments (2)

Medical Working in a Medical Setting (1)

Medical Terminology (1)

Medical Intervention (1)

Medical Plastic Surgery Procedures (13)

Medical The Esthetician’s Role in Pre- and Post-Medical Treatments (2)


Temporary Hair Removal: (35 Hours)

Hair Removal (30)

Advanced Esthetics Hair Removal (5)


 Makeup: (50 Hours)

The World of Makeup (40)

Esthetics Advanced Makeup  (10)